Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Down syndrome Awareness Month!!

Greetings everyone.  As we go into the fall season, we are celebrating many things here in Georgia.  Things such as fall football being in full swing, the cooler temperatures, the gorgeous changing of the tree leaves, and many fall festivals.  Did you know that this is also the month to celebrate the extra 21st chromosome?  Before my child was born, I had no clue.  This is just an extra way of really bringing Down syndrome into the mainstream.  We have to continue to be advocates heard on every level in order to promote acceptance and understanding of what Down syndrome is. 

We will be joining other teams for the annual Buddy Walk in Tallahassee, Florida next weekend (October 8th).



Pre-registration is now closed, but you can still register the day of the walk.  The event takes place from 9 am-12noon.  Please remember to wear sunscreen and be prepared for warm weather.  The walk is a fun mile.  We plan on walking together as a group.  For those of you who have pre-registered, shirts will be issued the day of the walk.  Please let everyone know to plan on changing into their shirts after we receive them once we check in that morning.  Concessions will be on hand for food and drinks.  For more information, please click here.   We look forward to representing our group and collecting ideas as we move forward in hosting our own walk here in Valdosta next year. 

In other news, the group had a fun outing to Leapin’ Lizards Fun Zone here in Valdosta for September. This is a great place in a safe environment to allow your children to play.  For more information on Leapin’ Lizards, look for them on Facebook or here. 




We are still in the process of securing a regular meeting place for our group.  Please continue to follow us here or on Facebook for updated meeting information.  Our next scheduled meeting will be November 12, 2011, meeting place to be announced at a later date. 

We also had a chance to represent our group in our first community awareness outing.  Moody Air Force Base held a grand opening for their new Child Development Center and invited us to be present at a table with our information.  This was a great way for us to help get the word out in the community about our group.  We networked and presented our group information to many different agencies.  Please look for an updated post in the next week as we highlight what these groups have to offer the special needs community here in Valdosta and the South Georgia area.  Thank you to Emily Smith and Polly Chase for going out to Moody to sit at the booth. Another great big thanks to Emily for helping to coordinate our group being at this event and thank you to Moody Air Force Base for allowing us to participate


Our table that we had set up at the event.  307021_2459838498038_1314441907_32907175_1157398445_n[1]


Emily at the booth.  Her beautiful daughter Renee in the photo sitting in the chair.  Maggie is another one of our beautiful kiddos.  She is to the right of Renee in the photo.



Part of the playground at the Moody Child Development Center.305050_2459873458912_1314441907_32907284_1148036173_n[1]


Emily and her brother Parker trying out the playground equipment.


As we continue to move forward with our group, please continue to spread the word that we are here for our Down syndrome community.  We have many great ideas for the future of our group.  Thank you for your continued support.  As always, if we can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Happy Down syndrome awareness month!  Spread the Ds love!

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